Violation Descriptions and Fines

Violation Fine
Warning ticket $0.00
Incorrect permit zone $30.00
Prohibited/load zone $50.00
Yellow curb $50.00
Reserved space $50.00
Visitor parking only $50.00
Parked on/blocking crosswalk $50.00
Blocking sidewalk/access ramp or driveway entrance $50.00
Using retail spaces when not in shops $50.00
Prohibited – street closes $50.00
Not parked in a space or parked on grass $50.00
Blocking traffic flow $50.00
Timed space – parked over limit $50.00
Designated no parking loading zone (untimed) $50.00
No permit/expired or improperly displayed permit $50.00
Taking up two parking spaces $50.00
Displaying forged, altered, lost or stolen permit $50.00
Parked facing traffic – wrong side of road $50.00
Fire lane/fire hydrant $125.00
Handicap zone $125.00