Student Permits

Sticker Decal

All students planning to park on campus are required to obtain a parking permit. Permits may be ordered online or in the Parking Services Office in Eason 204. Students will be issued a sticker decal to affix to their vehicle.

Sticker Decal Placement

After obtaining your permit, immediately place your sticker on the upper right corner of your rear windshield. Once affixed, do not remove your sticker until it expires. Students may not stack their sticker decal on previous decals, nor can they have more than one Longwood sticker decal on their vehicle.

Student Parking Zones

Students eligible for a main campus/residential permit may park in the yellow zones as indicated on the campus parking map. Students eligible for a commuter permit may park in the red zones shown on the map.

Vehicle Registration

Students are only permitted one vehicle on campus. The transfer of your decal to another vehicle is strictly prohibited, your decal is to remain on your initially registered vehicle. If you need to drive a different vehicle to campus due to unforeseen circumstances please visit the Parking Services Office for temporary parking accommodations.

Motorcycle Registration

Please visit Parking Services to register your motorcycle.

Guest Parking Permits

Guest permits are required on all guest vehicles on the campus Monday through Friday. 

Students can obtain guest permits valid for 72 hours by logging in to the AIMs parking portal using your LancerNet ID and password and selecting Order Permit. Once the guest permit has been selected, print a copy of the confirmation and display it in the dashboard of the guest's vehicle. Guest permits are valid in the Vernon Street Lot (number 40 on the parking map) and in the visitor spaces at Lancer Park. If you are having difficulty obtaining a guest permit, please contact Parking Services at

Students are not permitted to order guest permits for personal use. Doing so may result in an Honor and Conduct Board referral and the removal of guest permit ordering privileges.

To get a guest pass you will need:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Vehicle description
  • Guest's address

Guest Permit Display 

Visitor passes must be displayed in the vehicles while they are parked on campus.

Guest Parking Areas

Guests of resident students will be assigned parking in the Vernon Street Lot and the visitor spaces at Lancer Park.

Freshman Parking

A designated lot located in Lancer Park is available to freshman who purchase a parking permit. To purchase a permit, login to the AIMs Parking Portal using your LancerNet ID and password.

Student Parking Map

Semester Only PermitsĀ 

Students will have the option to purchase a permit for one semester if they are:

  • Student teaching Spring semester
  • Participating in a Spring internship
  • Studying abroad
  • Graduating in December   

Please purchase your Semester Only Permits in the Parking Services Office, Eason 204, before the first day of class. The online system is not available for Semester Only permits. 

The Cashiering Office can accept Cash and Check. They cannot process debit card or credit card payments in person.