Temporary Disability Parking Permit

Temporary Disability Permits are only good for five days.

If you have a disability, please contact Accessibility Resources Office for a medical parking permit, (434)395-2391.

Persons with permanent disabilities may apply at DMV for a handicap parking placard.

Lost Decals

Please report the lost decal to the Parking Services office immediately.

Replacement decals can be purchased in Cashiering for $10 with cash or check.

Parking Areas

Brock Common Garage

The parking garage is for the Faculty and Staff to use Monday through Friday and whenever they need to report to work on weekends. It is also to be used by persons attending special events and activities on the campus.

Students are restricted from parking in the garage at all times. This includes evening hours and weekends.

Lancer Park

Residents of Lancer Park, Lancer Park North, and Lancer Park South that purchase a parking pass will have expanded parking privileges on the main campus.  The parking pass will permit residents to park their vehicles at Lancer Park and park in the commuter lots at any time on campus. 

Previously, Lancer Park residents could only park on the main campus after designated hours. 

The FAB will continue to provide transportation from Lancer Park to the main campus, but residents now have the convenience of parking in the commuter lots.

Longwood Landings 

Living at Longwood Landings is the same as living in a residence hall on the main campus. You will be assigned a resident student parking permit and can park in any resident student parking lot.

There are several lots immediately in the area of Landings: the parking behind the NE and SE buildings, the Landings South Lot by Putney Street, the Putney St. Lot and the Virginia Street Lot.

Please avoid parking in the retail space of Midtown Square as these spaces have a two-hour limit and ticketing is likely to occur.

Weekend Parking

Liberal parking on weekends and at night is not allowed. Students are required to remain in the permit zone appropriate for the permit displayed in their car.

Visitors will need guest passes and will be assigned parking locations.

Prohibited zones such as 10-minute loading zones, handicap spaces, 2-hour visitor spaces, etc. are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Disabled Vehicles

Business Hours

The Facilities Management Dept. will help you during business hours. Please, call the garage at 395-2899.

After hours

The Longwood Police will assist students with this service after the regular business day has ended. Longwood Police are not mechanics and will not attempt to make any repairs to disabled vehicles nor will they change flat tires.

Grace Period: You have 48 hours to repair or remove the vehicle from the lot.

If your vehicle is disabled and you are parked in the wrong area, call Longwood Police or the Parking Services Office (email us at parking@longwood.edu) immediately and inform them of your trouble.

Please call the Parking Services office each day to give a progress report. If you do not contact us, we cannot authorize the grace period.

Locked out? 

Longwood Police can assist with vehicle unlocks if your car is on Longwood property, to include Lancer Park, Longwood Landings, and Longwood Village.

You will be asked to sign a liability waiver releasing the officer from responsibility should the lock system be damaged.

In some of the newer model cars, especially those with side-impact airbags, we may decline to make an unlock attempt. In such cases, you will be referred to contact AAA (if you are a member) or a locksmith.

 If your car is at an off-campus location, you are outside of our jurisdiction. 

Campus Police Escorts

Each parking lot has an emergency phone located near the entrance. This phone rings directly into the Farmville Police Department Dispatch Center. Tell the Dispatcher that you would like an escort back to the campus.

  • Give a brief description and location of your car
  • Return to the vehicle and lock your doors
  • Only exit your car when the police vehicle arrives

Students should add the Campus Police to their cell phone contacts, (434)395-2091.


All scheduled, non-emergency appointments are the responsibility of the student and likewise, it is his or her responsibility to arrange transportation to them. All emergency medical transports will be referred to the Prince Edward Rescue Squad. Contact them at (434)392-6973 to receive information about their Squad Care Program.

Event Designated Driver

You may park in loading zone during the event timeframe listed for the event.

If you are the Designated Driver, you must display a sign on your dashboard identifying your vehicle as such.

The sign must include:

  • Organization's name
  • Event Date
  • Event Timeframe

After the event is over, the vehicle must be returned to the appropriate decal zone. You will not be allowed to park overnight in a prohibited or reserved area, or improper decal zone.

It is not recommended to loan your car to another student to perform designated driving duty.