Handbook Overview

Purpose and Objective

This handbook is designed to create a central location for all policies and procedures related to scheduling and management of events on the Longwood University campus. It is designed for use by Longwood University's Office of Conference and Event Services. It replaces all previous scheduling handbooks.

This handbook has been developed by the Office of Conference and Event Services. Questions may be directed to Conference and Event Services at 434-395-2228. The Longwood University Graphic Standards Manual and Style Guide has been used in the production of this handbook. Its continued use in later revisions of this publication is expected. The most current updates to this handbook will be maintained at www.longwood.edu/scheduling. Facility REQUESTERs on the Longwood University campus are expected to know and follow these procedures.

Sections of this publication may be excerpted (BUT NOT PARAPHRASED) for REQUESTERs' information at the discretion of the Office of Conference and Event Services and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

This handbook describes how REQUESTERs can gain access to and use Longwood University facilities. Policies, regulations and procedures related to all use of facilities are also provided for easy reference in this handbook. If you excerpt for reprinting, be sure to reprint them in their entirety.