Scheduling Guidelines

How to Schedule an Event

  • All requests for space must be submitted through the reservation system by all REQUESTER types. Within 48 hours of receipt of request the Office of Conference and Event Services will:
    • Either confirm or deny the request;
    • Reply via email from within the R25 system with a confirmation and an event number
  • The Requester is responsible for informing the Office of Conference and Event Services of any and all ancillary services required (for example, public safety, food service, audiovisual) and for ensuring that resource staff has adequate information to assist with the event. The REQUESTER is responsible for ensuring that all services are available and that unneeded services are canceled at least five (5) business days before the date of the event.
  • The Requester and the Office of Conference and Event Services will be guided in all fees and rules for the event by the Policy on Facilities Use, which can is found in this Handbook.
    • Review cost estimate of event with REQUESTER if applicable
    • Determine if contract is required by Longwood University or desired by REQUESTER and write a contract for the event;
    • Schedule facilities and resources;
    • Coordinate the event among ancillary services / resource providers (e.g., catering, parking, campus police, housekeeping, grounds management, etc.);