May I choose my Roommates?

Requests will be honored, when possible. Students must request each other by name on their respective Room and Meal Plan Application.


  • New students (first year or students with less than 12 transfer credits) are not housed with returning students.
  • Only students of the same gender may be housed together.
  • Students who require special medical accommodations may have to forfeit roommate choice in lieu of a necessary accommodation.

Should I Contact my Roommates?

Absolutely! Contact your roommate(s)/housemate(s), get to know each other, determine who will bring what, bring only one half of what you think you will need for the first three-four weeks of the semester, and plan to be flexible and open to a new roommate(s) - compromise is GOOD!

If you are unable to get in touch with your roommate(s) due to profile settings being set to “Don’t Show” reach out to our office and we will attempt contact with the resident(s). 

What is a Roommate Agreement?

The purpose of the roommate agreement is to assist roommates in clarifying and defining expectations of one another upon arrival. Students are asked to be open and honest as responses are recorded on this agreement form. If a roommate conflict should arise, the RA can use this document to more effectively mediate the situation.

Why do I have more Roommates than I signed up for?

From time to time, Longwood admits more students than RCL is able to house, and it becomes essential that we maximize our occupancy potential to meet the demand. Assigning entering and returning students in a comfortable environment remains a top priority. Through the years, we have investigated the use of our residence hall space. As a result, we have equipped several rooms on campus (primarily in Johns and Moss Halls) so that an additional student can have access to all of the amenities, including an individual computer connection port. In short, three people are assigned larger rooms that are typically designated for two people. Students assigned to transitional housing will be notified when they receive their housing assignment over the summer.

To learn more about transitional housing, please see our Transitional Housing page.