Safety Tips

"Campus Safety is a Shared Responsibility!"

Self-protection is the result of common sense actions. It means paying attention to your environment, not taking chances, being safety conscious at all times, being alert for dangerous situations and suspicious persons, taking precautions while walking/jogging, driving, or using public transportation. Know what to do if you are being followed or if you become a victim. Learn how to protect yourself.

  • Keep your door locked. Carry your personal ID & key. Don't loan them to others.
  • Treat every fire alarm as "REAL."
  • Avoid walking or jogging alone, especially in isolated places. Be observant. Be familiar with the nearest blue light phone when walking around campus at night. Campus Police or student "Night Walkers" can provide escorts by dialing x-2091.
  • Secure checkbooks, cash, credit cards and ATM cards in a safe place. (Never carry your access code.)
  • Mark textbooks with your name and keep them secured.
  • Register your bicycle with Campus Police; record and keep serial number in a safe place. Invest in a good bike lock.
  • Engrave all items of value, personal computers, etc. Keep a record of your valuables in a safe place.
  • Review your family's homeowner's insurance policy. If you are not covered by the policy, consider acquiring a rental insurance policy. Make two lists of your valuable property. Include each item's serial and model numbers and its approximate value.
  • When going on a date with a new acquaintance, let someone you trust know where you are going and when you expect to return.
  • Contact your RA, REC or Front Service Desk to report any unsafe facility conditions or if you see anything suspicious.
  • If you need to report facility or housekeeping problems, go to and click the "Submit a Work Order" link. Select your assigned residence hall and complete the requested information. Be specific.

For Fire, Rescue or Other Life Threatening Emergencies, Dial 911.
When communicating with 911, provide your name, description of the emergency and the exact location.

"Campus Safety is a Shared responsibility!"

What safety efforts are in place at Longwood University?

Residence hall entrances are equipped with electronic card reader access. A lost student ID card is disabled immediately after it is reported missing. Replacement cards are available in Eason 204  with a $20.00 replacement fee.

  • Photo student ID cards are also used for entry into the dining hall and for use in the library.
  • For student rooms and suites, coded keys are issued and stamped with "State of VA Do Not Dup." Lost keys result in a lock core and key replacement (at the cost of the student).
  • Electronic access controlled door and fire notification systems are monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week by trained campus police dispatchers.
  • Longwood has sworn police officers.
  • Several high traffic exterior doors have loud audible alarms to discourage propping by students and surveillance cameras are placed in high trafficked public areas.
  • The Service Desk at each residence hall is staffed from mid-afternoon to late night to provide visual monitoring of traffic in and out of residence halls.
  • All student living areas have audible fire alarms. (Visual fire alarms are provided for hearing-impaired students.)
  • Sprinklers are available in all residence halls where sprinklers are required by building codes.
  • Fire Health and Safety Inspections (FHSI).
  • Fire Drills.
  • Blue light emergency telephones.
  • Safety reminders.
  • Peep holes.
  • Courtesy phones at residence halls' primary entrances.
  • The Longwood chapter of the Prince Edward County Rescue Squad.

Apartment Safety

Safety Reminders Relevant to Longwood Managed Apartment Residents and Visitors:

  • No entrance or trespassing is allowed in the non-residential areas of the apartment communities. Please observe the fence boundaries and signage.
  • Campus police will patrol all apartment communities. If you encounter any inappropriate or suspicious behavior, please communicate a specific location as well as a detailed physical description to campus police 434-395-2091.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Use caution when crossing any Town of Farmville street. Motorists may not be accustomed to seeing student pedestrian traffic. Use designated pedestrian crosswalks.