Cathryn B. Mobley, CPA, CUPO, VCCO, VCO

Director of Financial Operations & Materiel Management
(434) 395-2759 

Peggy Samuels, MBA

Asst. Director of Materiel Management
(434) 395-2721 

Shelly Farley, CPPB, CUPO, VCO

Quick Quotes and IFB's
(434) 395-2306 

Debby Cooper, CUPO, VCO

IFB's, RFP's, & Contract Administrator, Risk Management Coordinator
(434) 395-2094 

Erin Evans

VISA Card Administrator & Administrative Coordinator
(434) 395-2093 

Charlie Breeland

Warehouse/ Central Receiving
(434) 395-1093

Mike Simboli

Moving Crew

Charles Skates

Moving Crew