Entrance and Music Scholarship Audition Dates 

In-Person Audition for Acceptance and Scholarships:

  • November 16 Open House
  • January 18 Open House
  • January 20 MLK Day
  • February 17 President’s Day
  • March 1 Open House
  • April 5 Open House

All prospective students who audition for the music program, and are accepted to Longwood University, before March 1 are considered for a scholarship.

Students may also audition by submitting a VIDEO of their performance, which will be followed up with a Zoom meeting between the auditionee and audition committee. Please contact music@longwood.edu for information, and consult our Audition Guidelines.

To schedule an audition or if you have questions, please contact the Music Office at (434) 395-2504 or music@longwood.edu.

Prospective & New Students

All prospective students seeking to pursue a concentration in music must audition and interview with the scholarship/audition committee of the music faculty to enter the music program. This same audition serves for scholarship decisions. 

Early auditions and interviews are recommended for students wishing to be considered for scholarships. Students desiring scholarship consideration must audition by March 1. After March 1 a student may still audition for admission, but will not be guaranteed consideration for a scholarship.

A limited number of additional awards are open to all Longwood University students, regardless of major, who wish to participate in ensembles or take private music lessons. Please contact the Department of Music for details.

A successful audition and admission to the Department of Music does not guarantee admission to the university. Students must also be admitted to the university by meeting the requirements specified in publications from the Admissions Office (434) 395-2060.

The audition could result in one of four possible outcomes:

  • Full acceptance - the faculty believes the student capable of successfully completing classes and performance in the department
  • Provisional acceptance - the faculty has some concerns about the preparation of the student. The student will be able to enroll in all classes of the music major, but must successfully re-audition at the end of the first semester in order to continue.
  • Music minor status - the faculty has more serious concerns about the preparation of the student, and the student is allowed to enroll in classes leading to the music minor.
  • No acceptance


Transfer students from other institutions must complete the same admission/scholarship audition and interview as described above for freshmen. Transfers must also be admitted to the university by meeting the requirements established by the Admissions Office.

Transfer will be determined through transcript evaluation by the Admissions Office. The amount of applied music credit that may be transferred from other institutions is determined through evaluation of the student's abilities by the Department Chair. Transfer students should confer with the Department Chair or Transfer Coordinator for the purpose of evaluating past college work and for planning the orderly completion of a degree plan.