Mission & Vision

Training Tomorrow's Musical Leaders

The Longwood University Department of Music provides world-class musical experiences for the students and the community through the curriculum, ensembles and many public concerts.

Dedicated artist-teachers train musical leaders through a solid theoretical and historical foundation, an abundance of opportunities in performance and pre-professional activities, and a variety of leadership opportunities including internships and student-organized activities. Music supervisors and principals are delighted to work with Longwood students in their field experiences and to hire them as professionals. 

Our Mission

In accord with the stated mission of Longwood University, the primary mission of the Department of Music is to provide an environment that fosters and challenges intellectual curiosity and artistic growth. Our goals are to prepare music majors for professional careers in music and to offer high quality and diverse musical events and experiences that enhance the lives of individual students, the university community, and the community-at-large. 

Our specific objectives are the following:

  • to prepare students to teach in the public schools (K-12) in vocal, instrumental and general music
  • to prepare students for graduate or further professional study in music
  • to provide quality musical experiences for the music minors and general education students
  • to provide a variety of performance opportunities for the undergraduate music majors, other qualified Longwood students and members of the community
  • to provide advanced study for practicing teachers.
  • to present high quality musical events for the campus and community 

Our Vision

The Longwood University Department of Music is committed to cultivating active and devoted educators and performers. It has a dedicated artist faculty who strive to communicate a passion for music and its positive role in society, a significant concert series which attracts musicians of international repute, and valuable faculty-student interaction found only in the finest liberal arts colleges.

The Department of Music stands apart from those at other institutions by offering an unusual number of field experiences to the undergraduate music education student, as well as abundant performing opportunities for all students. Students have the opportunity to specialize in an instrument or voice, and at the same time explore music through both vocal and instrumental ensembles, classes and private lessons.

Throughout its long history, the Department of Music has provided its students with a uniquely practical and meaningful educational experience. This all encompassing musical and educational experience develops the entire person and prepares each student specifically for a career in music, and is also effective preparation for a variety of other fields.

In response to the new and increasing demands of society, the Department of Music continues to be flexible, redesigning curriculum and increasing offerings to meet the needs of students and prepare them for the future. It maintains state-of-the-art technology to challenge students and equip them for technological applications to the field of music. All of the music students benefit from the department's cutting edge computer music lab.

The piano pedagogy concentration offers undergraduates a level of career focus and preparation usually reserved only for graduate students. The graduate program meets a critical regional need for advanced study in music education and provides musical enrichment to our community through the work of the teachers who participate.

Building on the heritage of educating artist teachers, the Department of Music's vision is to grow. Remaining true to the past and adapting to the challenges of the future, it will continue to increase offerings to both music and non-music majors, recruit the most talented and motivated students, develop new and innovative ways to have a strong presence in the community, and keep its commitment to the development of the next generation's musical leaders.