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Curry Hall

Curry Hall Curry Hall

Curry Hall is one of our two high-rise residence halls.  It was built in 1969 and houses 393 students.  Curry houses upper division students on two floors and freshmen on seven floors in a suite-style, air-conditioned environment.  Curry features the Coffeehouse, the NP Miller Room, a meeting room ("The Spice Rack"), the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity chapter room, the Programming Center, and shares a common room with Frazer Hall ("Curry Commons").  The participants of the Compass (a theme program for undeclared freshmen) live throughout Curry. A recent Curry facelift included a re-modeled lobby, new suite doors, new ceiling tiles, and upgraded plumbing and air conditioning systems. The staffing includes one Residence Education Coordinator (REC) and nine Resident Assistants (RA).

Visit the link below to learn more about the Compass Community.

Compass Community Information

Single Room  |  Triple Room  | Double Suite  | Triple Suite  | Transitional

REC Ashley Valk
Total Occupancy 393
Room Occupancy 2 & 3
Lounges Every Floor
Air Conditioning Yes
Elevator(s) Yes
Bathrooms Suite Style
Other Alcohol Free

Curry Single Room

Single Room is occupied by one individual with a private bathroom.  These rooms are typically reserved for students with a documented medical need.

Curry Floor Plan 4 Curry Single Room Floor Plan

Curry Triple Room

Triple Room is a standard room (not transitional housing), which is not part of a suite.  The triple rooms do not share the bathroom with another room.

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Curry Floor Plan 3 Curry Triple Room Floor Plan


Curry Double Suite

Double Suite consist of 2 rooms within the same suite.  Each room will share the bathroom within the suite.

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Curry Floor Plan 2 Curry Double Suite Floor Plan


Curry Triple Suite

Triple Suite consists of 3 rooms within the same suite.  Each room will share the bathroom within the suite.

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Curry Floor Plan 1 Curry Triple Suite Floor Plan


Curry/Frazer Transitional

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Frazer Floor plan 1 Transitional rooms place three students on one side of the suite and two on the other side until a new placement can be found.

For additional information regarding Transitional Housing click here.