Longwood's Police Department advocates a proactive approach to Crime Prevention. This approach is exemplified by various educational and informational programs provided for faculty, staff and students by the University Police Department.

These programs are based upon the concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities and encouraging the University community to be responsible for their own security as well as others.

Education and Awareness programs are designed to make students more aware of crimes that happen both on and off campus and to educate them on crime prevention techniques. Our Crime Prevention Specialist is the liaison between the Police Department and the University community.

Report a Crime

The following information should be provided or will be requested from the caller when he/she is reporting a crime:

  • Your full name and contact information (e-mail address, phone #).
  • What was the crime? Give the best-detailed overview of what you saw happen, and include all details because small details do matter.
  • The name of the victim or victims
  • The status of the crime ( when did it occur)
  • The location or the place that the crime occurred
  • The current whereabouts of the victim and/or suspect(s)
  • The description of suspects involved (names if known, clothing descriptions, race, gender, hair color length, any scars or tattoos and how many subjects were involved and their role)
  • How did suspects leave the area, (if a vehicle was involved, give description
    (license plate and/or parking decal ).
  • The name and/or the description of any other witnesses who may have additional information.
  • Do not include links or attachments to the crime reports

If you want to request a copy of a report Interim Director of Public Safety R. Stuart Raybold is the FOIA and administrator of records for the Longwood University Police Department and that request should be sent to him at rayboldrs@longwood.edu 

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