Successful completion of one of these programs leads to an additional endorsement added to your valid Virginia teaching license.  

  • Reading, Literacy and Learning – M.Ed. degree or Professional Endorsement only
  • School Librarianship – M.Ed. degree or Professional Endorsement only
  • Education/Special Education – M.S. degree or Professional Endorsement only
  • Education/Educational Leadership – M.S. degree or Professional Endorsement only
  • Education/Health and Physical Education – M.S. degree


1. College Verification Form (CVF)

  • Select ‘Adding Endorsements’ from the menu items
  • Send to OTP ONLY PAGE 8, the College Verification Form (CVF), from the application pdf
  • Complete before sending part I of the 'College Verification Form' 
  • Leave the degree and degree date boxes blank

2. Submit your College Verification Form 

Please mail the completed CVF to:

Office of Teacher Preparation
Attention: Longwood Licensure Officer 
Longwood University
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909

OTP can only accept forms sent to us via US mail or fax (434)395-4926.

Due to privacy issues, OTP is unable to accept or process any forms sent via email. 

Please send the following information with your CVF.

  • Part I completed on the CVF Form
  • Name and Address of your (School Division) Human Resources Officer
  • Any other addresses to which you’d like a copy of your CVF mailed
  • Your contact information (email and telephone) should questions arise

OTP CANNOT accept CVFs sent via email.

3. Verification Process

Once final grades have been posted and the degree or endorsement recorded on the academic transcript, OTP will complete the rest of the form and return the completed form to the addresses you provide.

4. Transcripts

Order an official transcript from the Longwood Registrar's Office

  • Select Transcripts from the ‘In This Section’ menu.

Indicate in your transcript request:

  • Send transcript after the degree or endorsement has been recorded
  • Send your official transcript to the Human Resources Officer in your school division (the same person/address that you provided in Step 2).
  • If you choose to have the transcript sent to you instead of the Human Resource Officer in your school division, you MUST NOT open the envelope upon receipt.  Opening the envelope will mean the transcript is no longer official. 

5. Fee

Coordinate with your Human Resources Office to pay the VDOE fee and have the paperwork sent to VDOE after completion by and receipt from Longwood’s Licensure Officer. 

Your school division typically handles submission of this type of paperwork to VDOE.

Please email OTP at or call (434)395-2331.