Transfer Policy

In general, graduate credits are accepted from institutions that are accredited by the appropriate regional accreditation agency provided such credits carry a grade of "B" or better, are comparable to graduate courses offered at Longwood in the program you desire, and are no more than five years old.  Internships and portfolio-based experiential credits are not accepted for transfer credit.  A maximum of six (6) graduate credit hours may be transferred from another accredited institution and applied to a graduate program at Longwood.

Grades earned at other institutions will be recorded at Longwood University in terms of semester hours of credit earned and will reduce the number of credits required for graduation but will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average.  The cumulative grade point average will be calculated only on work taken at Longwood.

Transfer Procedures

Acceptance of transfer credits at the time of admission -  

If the applicant has completed graduate course work prior to admission, he/she must submit a written request as part of the Application for Graduate Admission with the course description(s) and/or course syllabus and an official transcript in a sealed envelope.  The College of Graduate and Professional Studies will have the course(s) evaluated along with the admission application by the Program Coordinator.  Written notification of the results of the evaluation will be sent with the acceptance packet.  Graduate credits used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements cannot be reused for graduate credit.  

Approval to take courses outside the institution once admitted -

Any regularly enrolled graduate student, who wishes to take graduate course work at another institution to transfer to Longwood, must secure prior permission from the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.  The student should send a written request to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies accompanied by an official course description and/or course syllabus.  The request will be forwarded to the appropriate Program Coordinator for evaluation and then returned to Graduate Studies.  The College of Graduate and Professional Studies will provide the student with a written "Authorization for Transfer Credit" form if the course is transferable.  Upon completion of the course, the student must have an official transcript sent directly to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for processing to the Office of Registration.