Q: What do I do to file a claim if University property has been stolen and/or damaged?

A: In order to file a property loss claim with the University, there are a number of things that must be done:

  • Fill out an Incident Report Form (pdf)
  • You must also submit the following information:
    • Copies of invoices (and PO if applicable) for the lost or damaged property.
    • Copies of invoices (and PO if applicable) for the replacement items.
    • The police/incident report for theft/damage, if one is available.
    • Once you have this information, forward it to: The Office of Risk Management Eason Hall, Room 215

Q: What information do I need to submit if damage has occurred that involves repair work (building/property)?


  • Invoices showing repair and /or replacement (NOTE: Invoices for repair must be as specific as possible in describing what repair work was done and what items were replaced in order to justify the expense).
  • For any labor charges the following information is needed for each person involved in the labor charges:
    • Name.
    • Position.
    • Base pay (not including benefits, overhead, or supervisory/managerial labor).
    • Date and number of hours worked.
    • A police/incident report if applicable.

Q: What is the deductible amount for University insurance claims?

A: There is a $10,000.00 deductible for each claim.

Q: Do I need to replace/repair the lost property before a claim is filed?

A: Yes. The Division of Risk Management reimburses the University for replacement/repair cost of property losses. No claims can be filed until the lost/damaged items are replaced/repaired by the University.

Q: Is it necessary to purchase the exact same item (model) as was damaged/stolen?

A: If it is at all possible to replace the stolen/damaged item with the same brand and model that was lost, you should do so. The Commonwealth reimburses the University for replacement with the same model or nearest equivalent.

In some cases it isn't possible to replace the item with the exact model due to discontinuation of items. In those cases, you would need to find the nearest equivalent to the lost or damaged item(s). If you do choose to upgrade the item, instead of purchasing the same item or nearest equivalent, the Division of Risk Management will reimburse the University for the cost of the item minus any cost for upgrading the item.

Q: A company/institution is requesting a Certificate of Insurance Coverage from our department? Where do I get this?

A: The Materiel Management office issues Certificates of Coverage. For each certificate, the requestor will need to provide the following information via phone (434) 395-2093, fax (434) 395-2246 or email to Materiel Management (materielmanagement@longwood.edu):

  • The Longwood department, employee name, phone number and fax number requesting the certificate.
  • The name, mailing address and fax number of the company or institution requesting the certificate. If the certificate needs to be addressed to a specific person, provide that person's name.
  • The purpose (i.e., student practicum/internship, tournament game, use of facility, etc.).
  • The period of time the certificate will cover; be specific (i.e., August 24, 2009 through December 18, 2009). Certificates are not issued for periods exceeding one (1) year.

Once we have this information, we will prepare the certificate. It will be signed by the Risk Manager. The original will be sent back to the requesting department to send to the requesting company/institution or faxed/mailed directly to the requesting company/institution. A copy will be retained in the Materiel Management office. The requesting department should also retain a copy for their records.

Q: I recently had an automobile accident while driving a University vehicle (or rental car). What should I do?

A: If you had an accident in a University vehicle or rental car, while on University business, please follow this procedure:

  • Obtain a copy of the accident report from the officer at the scene of the accident.
  • Fill out an Automobile Loss Notice (pdf). This form should be in every University vehicle. If one is not in the vehicle or you were driving a rental vehicle, use Automobile Loss Notice (pdf) or you can call the Transportation Office to request a copy of the form (434) 395-2299.
  • As soon as possible, report the accident to either the Transportation Office (434) 395-2299 (for University vehicles) or Risk Management Office (434) 395-2093 (for rental vehicles). Copies of the police report and the Automobile Loss Notice (pdf) need to be forwarded to Caryn Rundstrom at 434-395-2299. You should keep a copy of both for your personal records.

Q: Is there any way to get information on what to do if involved in an automobile accident while on University business. Our office frequently uses rental cars for University travel and we'd like to keep this information on hand for our drivers.

A: Yes, the Transportation Office has a packet of information that details what to do if you are involved in an auto accident while on University business. These packets should be in all University vehicles, if not, please contact the Transportation Office to request one before you leave on your trip. The Transportation Office is located in Bristow Hall, Room 214, (434) 395-2299.