Contractor Information

Public Safety Related Issues

To allow for a safe and orderly process during your activity at Longwood University the following procedures shall be followed;

  • All contractor vehicles, to include sub-contractors that will be parked on University property, must have a "Contractors Parking Pass" These can be obtained at the Parking Services Office located in the Graham Building at the North end of Campus Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Parking will be designated per request. Parking in any other location than designated spots will be subject to a $50.00 parking ticket. Three unpaid tickets will mean that subsequent tickets will also be accompanied by a tow from the property at the owner's expense.
  • All Contractors, to include sub-contractors, shall obtain contractors ID card from the Longwood University Police Department, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Anyone found on site without his card will be removed from the work site until an ID card is obtained or produced. It is the Contractors responsibility to return the cards to the Police Department once the contract is completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure that no registered Sex offenders are employed on any of the contractor jobs at Longwood University.
  • It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure that all employees are legal aliens with appropriate documentation while working at Longwood University.
  • Contractors that will be disrupting alarms in any facility on campus must notify the Longwood University Police Department at least 24 hours in advance to work out details on maintaining the security of the facility and to assure that appropriate documentation of such outage is completed.
  • All contractors performing work for Longwood University are expected to take appropriate measures when disrupting traffic or requesting street closures for more than a few minutes. Contractors must communicate with the Longwood Police Department through the Longwood University Project Administrator at least 48 hours prior to the closure or disruption.
    • Temporary traffic disruptions must be coordinated through the Longwood University Project Administrator. The contractor creating the disruption must provide Flagmen. Temporary disruptions should not exceed 30 minutes.
    • Traffic disruptions that have a longer term of duration must also be coordinated with the Longwood Police Department. A minimum of a two business days notice is required for significant traffic disruptions. The Police Department will assess the situation and the Police Department will dictate measures to be taken by the contractor to ensure public safety. This can include the need for police control of the situation at the contractor's expense.

Contractor Card

All Contractors are required to have an identifiable ID card in their possession during the project as well as parking pass.

Please stop by Parking Services in the Graham Building to get your parking pass and parking assignment.

Instructions for Signing out a Contractor Card:
  • Click on the Contractor ID Card form. You can fill in the form electronically and email to or you may print a copy of the form and bring with you to the Police Station located in Dorrill Dining Hall basement.
  • Fill in the name of your company and the project you will be working on.
  • Fill in the names of all employees working for you.
  • Fill in the date the project begins and the estimated date the project ends.
  • Fill in the Supervisor's Name and a contact phone number where he/she can be reached.
  • Sign the form electronically or in writing.
  • List the Longwood University Capital Planning representative with whom you are communicating on the project.
  • Leave the Campus Police Approval blank. I will initial here upon receipt of the form.
  • Fill in the Academic Building, Residential Hall, Mechanical rooms or MDF closets you are requesting access for. If NONE, please leave blank.
  • Please read and understand the policy for Contractor cards and retain a copy for your records.