Where is your office located?

Campus Police is located on the lower level of the Dorrill Dining Hall. If you are driving, from Main Street turn onto Redford Street (McDonalds at intersection with traffic light) and drive 2/10th mile. Our office is located on the right.

How should I Report a Crime?

Call 911 or 2091 from any campus phone or you can activate any blue emergency phone as they will directly link you to the Longwood Police dispatcher. You may be required to dial 434-395-2091 from non local phones or cell-phones and just dial 395-2091 from all local non-campus telephones. Give our dispatcher your name, location and a contact number, and provide other pertinent information about the crime and suspects. Answer the dispatcher's questions and do not hang-up, let the dispatcher hang-up first. Crimes should be reported as soon as possible.

What should I do if I feel unsafe walking alone on campus?

Escorts from the Student Safety Organization are available Monday thru Thursday until midnight and Friday thru Sunday until 2 a.m. Police Officers will escort you during the times that the SSO escorts are unavailable. Please call Police Dispatch at 434-395-2091 to request an escort.

Will a police officer help me with a disabled vehicle?

Yes, if you are on campus property and you only need routine assistance, such as a jump-start. The officers are not mechanics and will not render any other mechanical assistance. However, they will assist with traffic control, if needed and assist you with contacting a mechanic or towing service.

What should I do if involved in a minor accident on campus?

If no one is injured and the vehicle(s) are blocking the normal flow of traffic, move vehicle(s) to the nearest safe location. You should exchange information with the other driver. Obtain full name(s), address, vehicle insurance and vehicle description information. If there are witnesses, you should obtain their name, contact information, and a brief statement from them. A police officer will respond if complications arise and/or you are uncomfortable with the process of exchanging information.