Dispatch Center

The Communications Center is comprised of supervisor, Sergeant Ray Ostrander, six classified dispatchers and four part time dispatchers whom are certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. The Dispatch Center is a twenty-four hour, 365 day a year communications center which fulfills many duties to include: answering emergency and non-emergency telephone lines, alarm monitoring, alert notification and data retrieval from the VCIN/NCIC and DMV computer terminals.

The Communications Center is equipped with the Lenel On-Guard system which allows 24 x 7 monitoring of door activity and fire/trouble alarms in residence halls and administrative buildings.

They also monitor all 911 calls originating from the campus telephone system. While the actual 911 calls are answered by the Town of Farmville Communications Center, a monitoring station alerts the Longwood Dispatcher to the specific location which enables a Police Officer to be immediately dispatched.

Emergency telephones are strategically located throughout the University properties. These telephones are a direct link to the Longwood Communications Center. Once activated by pushing the red button, the call is automatically forwarded to our emergency lines. The dispatcher can identify the location from which the call originated and dispatch a police officer, even if the caller is unable to verbally communicate.

The Communications Center also has monitoring capabilities for the video cameras in place throughout campus and the intrusion alarm systems located in crucial campus locations. The communications officers are also responsible for activating the siren/voice and text messaging alert systems in the event of an actual or suspected campus emergency incident/situation.

The Communications Officers handle a variety of communications including radio transmissions from officers, the Student Safety Organization and from other Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice agencies. They monitor the radio traffic from other local and neighboring jurisdictions and are also a general information center for faculty, staff, students and visitors.