Programs and Services

Safety Programs

The Longwood Police Department offers many beneficial Campus Safety programs to teach students how to protect themselves and their belongings! Our yearly programs will be advertised on our website and Twitter.

Contact Lieutenant Robert Lenhart

Crime Alerts

The University Police Department posts Crime Alerts on campus and on the website when serious incidents occur. The Crime Alerts inform the University community as to the nature of the crime and description of suspects. They also provide instructions on how to prevent or report crime.

Victims' Assistance Program

The University Police Department, Health Services, Student Development, Counseling and Psychological Services Center and other offices offer assistance to victims of crime on the basis of their specific needs and requests for information. Please note that professional counselors are not required to notify the police of crimes reported to them.

Vehicle Assistance

If you have locked your keys in your vehicle the University Police can either assist you directly or call a locksmith. The University Police will not attempt to unlock any vehicle with side airbags. If you think you have a dead battery, contact the Police Department for assistance.


The University Police Department has investigators on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a victim of a crime, immediately call the University Police Department so the incident can be investigated and a report filed. If time is wasted, evidence can be destroyed or lost.


The University Police offer a fingerprinting service for University students who may need their fingerprints taken for selective reasons (such as a required attachment to an employment application). The hours are Monday through Friday 8 - 5 p.m.

Ride-Along Program

Our Ride-Along program offers the opportunity for students to learn about the Police Department. Participants are allowed to ride-along with an officer as they answer real police calls on campus. A signed agreement by the participant for confidentiality and liability purposes must be completed, as well as prior written approval from the patrol commander. Please contact our office to request further information.


Internship positions are available at the Police Department for qualified students in Criminal Justice. During the semester, you will have the opportunity to work with all areas of the Department while earning academic credit hours. Interns experience first hand the role of a police officer and are also introduced to all the facets of a law enforcement office.

Contact Tracie Giles, (434) 395-2457, for more information about the Internship program.

Which property should I mark and record?

Engrave your property with a unique individual identifying number, for example, your initials and driver's license number.

Safety Walk

Our department also supports the annual Student Government Association's campus safety walk. The purpose of the walk is to survey the adequacy and maintenance of campus lighting and blue light emergency phones, and to see that landscaping near buildings and along walkways does not obscure vision or present other safety hazards. During the walk students can make recommendations to add lighting and blue light emergency phones in areas of need.

Security Surveys

Security surveys are a requested service provided to the campus community that will help enhance physical security. A survey of the interior and exterior of a facility or area is conducted to determine vulnerability to criminal activity. A written report is sent to the requester with the recommendations on improving security. Contact Contact Lieutenant Robert Lenhart for additional information.

Sexual Assault

This program is for the entire campus community and addresses rape, statistics, victim resources, and reporting procedures. We also provide information about the various so called "date rape" drugs.

Parking & Vehicles

  • Car Troubles
    Please contact Facilities Management at 434-395-2373 for all jump-starts from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. You should know your location and vehicle description. It would be very helpful if you raised the hood of your vehicle so you will be easier to find. After normal business hours you may contact 434-395-2091 and the police will respond.
  • Temporary Parking
    The Campus Police office does not issue temporary parking passes to vendors/contractors, students, faculty or staff. Please go to Parking Services in Eason 206.
  • Parking Violations
    The Campus Police office cannot collect or receive any type of payments. Monies for parking violations must be submitted to the Cashiering Office in Eason 201.

Residence Halls

All maintenance related calls, during business hours 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday, should be reported to Facilities @ 434-395-2373. Problems should be reported immediately. After business hours contact the dispatcher at 434-395-2091.

The following information will be requested when you call for routine assistance

  • The callers contact information
  • The name of caller and/or requestor needing assistance
  • The location for which assistance is needed
  • The kind of assistance needed (vehicle assistance, door unlock, maintenance issue)

Lost & Found Items

The Police Department is the designated Lost & Found for the University. Please bring all lost and found items to campus police immediately. If you believe you may have left an item on campus and cannot locate it, drop by the Campus Police office and check the lost and found.

All lost or stolen Longwood ID cards should be reported immediately. You may report lost ID cards online on the Lancer Card Center's website. If ID cards are found and turned into the Police Department, you will receive an email or phone call that we have it in our possession. Please check with us before purchasing a new ID Card.