In an emergency, call 911 or 434.395.2091

Use this form if you have information about a crime and would like to report it to the Longwood University Public Safety department. Your name and e-mail address are both optional fields. If you do not fill in the name or e-mail address your report will be anonymous. If you want a reply, please provide either your name or e-mail address. We will not accept  crime reports which require us to open links or have attachments with them.

Thank you in advance for helping fight campus crime.

Reporting A Crime

The following information should be provided or will be requested from the caller when he/she is reporting a crime:

  • Your full name and contact Information (e-mail address, phone #).
  • What was the crime? Give the best-detailed overview of what you saw happen, and include all details, because small details do matter.
  • The name of the victim or victims
  • The status of the crime ( when did it occur)
  • The location or the place that the crime occurred
  • The current whereabouts of the victim and/or suspect(s)
  • The description of suspects involved (names if known, clothing descriptions, race, gender, hair color length, any scars or tattoos and how many subjects were involved and their role)
  • How did suspects leave the area, (if vehicle was involved give description
    (license plate and/or parking decal ).
  • The name and/or the description of any other witnesses who may have additional information.
  • Don not include links or attachments to the crime reports.