Reporting to the Chief of Police, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides guidance, direction, and training to members of the Longwood University community in the prevention. protection, response and recovery activities required as a result of any type of emergency. Additionally, it is responsible for coordinating with local, state and federal partners to ensure resources are available to the university when needed.

Proper planning for emergencies is essential to minimizing the impact of an incident on the University facilities and operations. It is in the best interest of all community members to work together to strengthen our ability to respond and recover should we experience an incident. The University takes seriously the priorities in emergency planning, life safety first and the preservation of property second.

In leading emergency planning efforts, the OEM provides various activities and performs a range of tasks with the goal of fostering a culture of emergency preparedness. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining the Emergency Operation Plan
  • Maintaining the Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Providing training for all community members
  • Serving as the conduit for information from outside agencies
  • Ensuring the University emergency preparedness program remains compliant with legislative mandates
  • Maintaining the Emergency Operations center so that it is ready whenever the need arises.

Emergency Notification

Our office is located at 506 Race Street. We welcome ideas and input from community members and enjoy working with our students, faculty, staff and administration.

Please check our webpage often to stay informed of available training and preparedness activities.

Additionally, we encourage everyone to sign up for our emergency notification system to provide the most updated information regarding emergencies, which include weather-related events and updates about the system  that could result in an alteration of normal University operating hours.

To sign up to receive emergency and weather alerts, go to

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