Longwood University's Digital Education Collaborative office and the Office of Information Technology Services reserve the right to alter any part of this publication at any time. 

Student Faxing

Printing Services offers faxing service for students. 

Cable TV

All Longwood students are provided with basic cable service. 

For questions concerning cable TV service or to report a problem please contact  Shentel at 1-855-267-7289

Student Printing From the Computer Labs

Printing is available at the rate of nine cents per page for black and white and one dollar per page for color.

You will pay for printing charges with Lancer CA$H in the computer labs and the Greenwood Library.

To print, you will need to swipe your ID card and pay for the print job at the printer before the job is released. You should make sure that you have money on your Lancer Ca$h ID card BEFORE printing.

Problems with the Lancer CA$H purchase, should be reported to the LancerCard Center at 434-395-2715 or email lancercard@longwood.edu

Computer Labs

Please visit the Academic Computing website for lab hours and available software.

Laptop Computer Program

All incoming students are required to have a laptop computer. Learn more about Longwood's laptop requirement and view minimum specification recommendations.

Residence Hall Network Access

There will be a network connection for each student in their residence hall/apartment. ALL students will be required to register their personal computers with Shentel. 


The LancerNet wireless network is available for student, faculty, and staff use. Learn more about Longwood's wireless network including step by step instructions on how to connect.

Shentel wireless is available in the residence halls and Longwood managed apartments. Students will create a username and password to be used to access Shentell wireless during their hard-wired registration on Shentell's network.

Computer Repair Center

The purpose of the C.R.C. is to provide students with hardware/software support and troubleshooting services for their computers. Students are to follow the guidelines below:

    1. The student is to contact the RTA for technical assistance first. The RTA will refer students the Computer Repair Center as necessary.
    2. If the student has a Dell computer,  they have the option of calling Dell directly at 1-800-234-1490 for assistance.
    3. If the student has a Macintosh computer, they have the option of calling Apple directly at 1-800-275-2273 for assistance.

If you need further assistance, please contact User Support Services at 434.395.4357.

**Please do NOT bring your computer to User Support Services or the Computer Repair Center until such time you have seen your RTA and have been contacted to bring it in.**

Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail is available to all students.  You may get your electronic mail information at User Support Services in the basement of French.

Students use Live Mail, an email system based on the Exchange Labs interface powered by Microsoft Live@edu, to maintain their Longwood email accounts. Features available in the Live Mail system include a full service calendar, an address book, signatures, and much more. Additionally, Live Mail enables you to send and receive mail and view your mail folders from any where in the world!

LancerNet ID and Password

Upon admittance, each student will be assigned a LancerNet ID and password.  This ID and password will be used to access Canvas,myLongwood and Academic Computing Lab computers.  The LancerNet password must meet the complexity standards as defined in the University's Password Management Policy and is set to expire on a one hundred and twenty-day cycle.   CYPHIR, a web based tool that will allow students to change their LancerNet password is available at: https://piedmont.longwood.edu/cyphir/

Resident Technology Associate Program/Student Support Desk 

The Residential Technology Associate (RTA's) are among the most skilled with technology on campus. Their expert technical skills combined with their enthusiasm and dedication to provide excellent service to the Longwood student body makes them an important asset to Longwood University.

The Resident Technology Associates will provide one-on-one support, teach formal training classes and form peer technology support groups within the halls. The RTA's and assistant RTA's will report to the University early each fall to receive intensive training in what will be equivalent to a technology boot camp.

The RTA’s are available for student support 7 days a week at the new RTA Student Support Desk located at the Help Desk on the ground floor of French Hall.

Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Friday 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. 
Sunday 12 p.m. -  9 p.m.

Need to place a work order, have a quick question, or want to chat with an RTA during these hours? Please visit http://rta.longwood.edu


MyLongwood is a web portal available to students, faculty and staff. Students will use the myLongwood portal to perform important functions such as registration for classes, checking grades, and accessing student account and financial aid information.

Go to myLongwood portal

Protecting Your Computer

Keeping our network secure is everyone's responsibility. For complete instructions on how to keep your computer protected visit:

Digital Education Collaborative: Instructional Technology Collaborators

The Digital Education Collaborative (DEC) will provide the support and structure behind the University's commitment to academic success and pedagogical excellence through the effective application of instructional technology. The Instructional Technology Collaborators (ITCs) and the Rufnerstudent staff within the DEC are active participants in providing the support and structure behind the University's commitment to teaching and learning excellence through the effective application of instructional technology.  

ITCs provide one-on-one support to faculty, staff, and students regarding use of instructional technology. Areas supported included, but are not limited to: Canvas, IPads and apps, Panopto (personal and classroom capture), Respondus LockDown Browser and monitor, video conferencing via WebEx, Promethean or Smart Boards, troubleshooting technology issues (including open education resources such as tf, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). The ITCs are located just inside Ruffner 128. Operating Hours are updated on the DEC page. 

Digital Education Collaborative - Services FAQ

3D Printing

3D Printing allows students and faculty to conceptualize, design and create three dimensional objects. Currently, 3D printing services are available specifically for class based learning activities and educational outcomes. To request the use of the 3D printer, complete the 3D Printing Form

3D Printing Policy




Canvas is a program that the University utilizes to make technology more accessible and easier to integrate into the curriculum. Students have access to features such as online surveys and quizzes, easy communication through messages, threaded discussions, real-time conferences with drawing board, and 24-hour access to course materials and other resources. The Digital Education Collaborative is responsible for all Canvas related issues (with the exception of password resets).

Helpful Pointers:

  • Chrome is the preferred browser for use of Canvas.
  • Canvas Applications for Android/iOS operating systems are available via Google Play and the App store.
  • Microsoft Office Suite should be installed for maximum compatibility with Canvas.
  • Tutorial's, instructions and overviews are on the Canvas site at canvas.longwood.edu

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard uses touch detection for user input. 

  • Draw on the screen
  • Drag and drop elements
  • Replicate standard mouse input

The DEC maintains a Clary Icon Board, though Promethean. Smart Boards cab be found elsewhere on campus. Contact the DEC to request this space in the DEC to use the Clary Icon Board or to schedule a training session 

Helpful Pointer:

Calibrate the pen so it registers where you touch.

  • Hover over the icon on the top left of the board and wait for crosshairs to show on the screen.
  • when you see the crosshairs appear tap as near to the center of the crosshairs as you can with the pen.
  • The pen should now be calibrated.

Panopto Lecture Capture

Panopto is a screen capture software program which allows you to use a computer in your office or home to record audio, video and desktop feeds to create lecture content that can be shared securely online.

Additionally, classroom captures can be made using Panopto’s remote recorder and allow faculty to record a live class session that can be stored online and viewed later by students in a password protected environment. For assistance with classroom capture, please contact the DEC.

Interactive Video (Polycom)

Longwood University partners with New College Institute and Southside Virginia Higher Education Center to offer 300 and 400 level courses in Galax, Martinsville and South Boston. Courses are delivered using Interactive Video via Polycom, which allows instructors to synchronously deliver a course across multiple classrooms.

Interactive video is supported, limitedly, by the DEC.


WebEx can be used to host and record online meetings, classes and trainings. Share PowerPoints, content and audio/video easily online, anytime and anywhere, over a broadband internet connect. Host accounts are available to all Longwood University faculty and staff.


WordPress is a popular and feature-rich personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability. Often associated with a blog, WordPress is much more than a blog—it is a simple and easy-to-use web publishing platform that can allow you to build a web presence with little or no fuss.

Longwood Blogs runs a WordPress multi-site installation, which allows the Longwood community to quickly sign up for and customize their own web publishing space. By extension, each member of the community can create as many blogs as they like to begin experimenting with this space for teaching and learning.

Questions about WordPress? Visit Longwood Blogs to complete the WordPress Support Request eform, found at the bottom of the page.

Visit our WordPress FAQ for more information about Longwood's Blogs.