1. The student withdraws from school
  2. The student/family calls the Claims Department to kick-off the claim at 1.866.724.4384
  3. Once the student notifies the claims representative that they wish to begin a claim, the representative will forward the necessary claim forms to the student/family to be filled out and returned
  4. The student/family supplies the school with the Institution Validation Form
  5. The school fills out the form and provides it back to the student/family
  6. Once all forms/necessary paperwork is gathered, filled out and signed, the student sends everything into the claims department for processing

Claims Department

E-mail: claimsinquiry@allianzassistance.com 

Mail to:

Allianz Global Assistance
PO Box 72031
Richmond, VA 23255-2031
Phone: 1.866.724.4384
Fax: 804-673-1469

Available 24 hours 

The claims department will contact the student with any additional questions


Claims Process

Once all is finalized, a typical claim is processed with a response within 7-10 day.

Claim Status

The student/family can call for a status on their claim – 1.866.724.4384