The Lancer CA$H account is a prepaid debit account designed for the Longwood University Community. The account is placed directly on your Lancer Card. Participation is open to any student, faculty, or staff member.

What's the difference between Bonus Dollars and Lancer CA$H?

Bonus Dollars

  • Comes with all meal plans
  • Accepted in Campus Dining locations only
  • Balance carries over from Fall to Spring only
  • Tax Free

Lancer CA$H

  • Add your own money any time
  • Accepted at on and off campus locations
  • Accepted in laundry and vending
  • Balance carries over from year to year as long as you are a student at Longwood University
How It Works

How it Works

Having a Lancer CA$H Account added to your Lancer Card provides the flexibility and convenience of a debit card to use at on and off campus locations. It relieves your need to carry cash or visit an ATM - making your money secure. It also provides an alternate way to pay when credit card services may be experiencing issues.

You will receive your remaining balance at the time of each transaction. Your balance will display on the reader or be printed on your receipt. You can also manage your account online or come into the Lancer Card & Campus Services Office for a report. Money can be added any time by various methods of payment such as cash, personal checks, money orders, traveler's checks, MasterCard or Visa. Your Lancer Card has your picture on it so you'll never need to worry about anybody using your card except you. It's that easy!

There are no transaction or set-up fees and no minimum balance requirements. You save money!

The Process

The Lancer CA$H account is placed on your Lancer Card (Longwood ID card). The account works like an electronic checking account.

Whenever you make a purchase, your card is swiped through the card reader and the purchase amount is automatically deducted from the balance in your prepaid account. The cashier ends each transaction by checking your balance for you.

When you're running low at any time during the semester, you may add money to your account (minimum deposit amounts may be required).

Making a Deposit


At the Lancer Card & Campus Services Office, Eason 204

  • $1 minimum deposit cash/check or $10 minimum credit card
  • Cash, personal checks, money orders, traveler's checks, MasterCard and Visa 


Through the Manage My Account link

  • $5 minimum deposit
  • MasterCard and Visa
  • $2.25 fee

Add-Value Stations

 Our campus kiosk machines are located on the ground floor of Upchurch and in Greenwood Library

  • Please do not attempt to use these machines if your card is damaged. You will be responsible for any machine repair fees as a result of damaging the machine from misuse. If you experience any issues with the machines, please notify our office.
  • Cash only

Mailing in a Check

Lancer Card & Campus Services Office
201 High Street
Eason 204
Farmville, VA 23909
(Please include student's name and card number on check)


You can request a refund on your Lancer CA$H account if you are leaving the University. No refunds will be given if the balance is below $5

Request a refund if you:

  • Graduate
  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Termination of employment

All refunds must be requested. Submit a refund request form by mail, email or in person to the Lancer Card & Campus Services Office.

If you are moving, please change your address with the University before requesting your refund.


There is a 10% Administrative fee - not to exceed $25 

Refund Processing

All University debts must be satisfied prior to a refund being processed.

Refunds will be paid by check and sent to the permanent address on record with Longwood University.

Processing takes 4 - 6 weeks