Laundry Plan

Students living on main campus or in Longwood managed apartments will receive a semester laundry plan in the amount of $112.00. The Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines installed on campus clean effectively, help save time, and are gentle on your clothes and the environment! High-efficiency, front loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment, saving you time and energy. For best results, use only 2 tbsp. of concentrated HE detergent; it's specially formulated for high-efficiency machines. If using a pod, place directly in the drum of the washer (not the detergent dispenser).

Payment Options

We make it easy for you to pay for laundry services even after your plan funds have been used up. The price per load is $1.75 and you may choose from the following payment options:

  • Lancer Cash: Use your Lancer Cash account to conveniently pay for laundry services directly from your student ID card. No need to worry about losing coins!
  • Debit/Credit via Speed Queen App: Embrace the convenience of modern technology by using the Speed Queen app to pay for laundry services with your debit or credit card. Simply,
    • Download the Speed Queen app.
    • Set up your account using your Longwood e-mail address, desired password, and phone number.
    • Add Longwood by using the code "GOWOOD" and,
    • Add funds by linking your laundry account with your Lancer Ca$h account or entering your credit or debit card information.
    • Find your machine by tapping on an available machine and pay for a cycle.
  • Coins: Traditional yet reliable, you can still use coins to operate the laundry machines.

Machine Locations

Residence Halls: The machines are located on the ground floor of each residence hall in the laundry room

Lancer Park North and South: The machines are available on each floor of North and South.

The Landings: The machines are located in a centralized laundromat in the Southwest building (Subway building). This location can only be accessed by Landings residents with their Lancer Card.


Laundry issues should be reported directly to Caldwell & Gregory and/or Lancer Card Services.

QR codes are located on each machine for convenience. To report machine issues, scan the QR code or contact Caldwell & Gregory at  or call 1-800-927-9274.

You can also contact the Lancer Card & Campus Services Office by email  or phone (434) 395-2715 with questions/concerns.

Our office requires the following information when you report a problem:

  • Your first and last name
  • The building in which you are experiencing the machine issue
  • The machine number
  • A description of the problem 

Laundry Monitoring and Notifications

Speed Queen App

With the Speed Queen App you can:

  • Pay
  • Monitor washer and dryer availability
  • View the remaining cycle time
  • Receive a text or email to let you know when your laundry is done 


To request a refund, including coin, Lancer CA$H or laundry funds, please visit Lancer Card Services in Eason 204, email, or call (434) 395-2715


Monday-Friday 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m