$1.50 per load to wash and dry. 

Add Lancer CA$H to your card and check the availability of washers and dryers any time.

Ways to Pay


All machines accept coins. 

Lancer CA$H

  1. Pick a machine, load your clothes and note the number of the machine you are using.
  2. Swipe your Lancer card in the reader.
  3. Select your machine number and PRESS ENTER.
  4. Read display and confirm your machine number then PRESS ENTER.
  5. Go back to the machine and choose your cycle to start.


Scan the QR code located on the front of your machine to instantly file a work order for that machine with Caldwell & Gregory.

Contact the Lancer Card Office at (434) 395-2715 with questions/concerns or Caldwell & Gregory for after-hours maintenance.


All refunds are done at the Lancer Card Office located in Coyner G10.