Student Accounts

Don't miss out. Stay connected.

Are you assisting with your student's finances?  Do you need access to your student's account?  Your student can designate authorized users.

Designated Authorized Users

Students, if others are assisting with your finances, this is a great feature to include them in the circle of information.

Once the student utilizes this function, the authorized user may log in to Longwood University Student Account Suite.

Designated authorized users will have the ability to

  • Make payments
  • View and print 1098-T (tax forms)
  • View and print Ebills
  • See current activity
  • Enroll in payment plans
  • Save payment methods
  • Enter alternate email addresses
  • Receive EBill Notices 


If your student designates other authorized users in the MY STUDENT ACCOUNT tab, all authorized users 

  • Receive an email with the subject line "You have been given access"
  • Get a second email with the subject line of "Your access information"

To Login 

Authorized users enter your email address as entered in the system and your password.

*Your website and password are independent of your student's.

You may find it helpful to add the website to your bookmarks or favorites, for easy access to your student's account.

Payment Plan

Authorized Users enrolled in the Payment Plan will receive the related emails concerning payment reminders and revisions.

Your payment methods, bank account information and alternate email addresses are hidden from any other users inclusive of your student.