Managing the Student Account

Students manage their accounts using myLongwood.

After entering the LancerNet ID and LancerNet password, select the Student tab and click on My Student Account. Read, scroll to the bottom, "Click here to view your account information" and enter the Touch Net Payment Gateway.

View your Ebills, make payments, set up authorized users, sign up for Direct Deposit for Student Loan refunds, save your ACH draft information (bank routing number and bank account number), and enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan.


Longwood University generates Ebill Notices approximately one month prior to the bill due date for fall and spring to all registered students. If you do not receive a bill and the due date is approaching, please log into MY STUDENT ACCOUNT to review your account activity and balance due. Failure to receive a billing statement will not waive the requirement for payment by the due date. Students who do not receive bills should review their records to be certain that Longwood University has been informed of any email or address changes. It is the student's responsibility to make certain that all permanent, local, and (if applicable) billing addresses are current.

Billing and Payment Schedules

Longwood University utilizes an electronic billing and payment solution, TouchNet Ebill.

Longwood University generates Ebill notices for fall by mid-July; the Ebill for spring generates in early December with payment due in early January. However, students and their authorized users will receive email notification when new statements are produced.

Students can manage their accounts through myLongwood. Select the Student tab and click on My Student Account. The student or authorized user may also enroll in the Payment Plan using the same selections.

Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

Be sure to read the important notes regarding deductions to payments such as scholarships and tuition assistance. 

Virginia529 PrePaid (VCSP)

Credit for estimated Virginia529 PrePaid (VPEP) assistance will be given on an eligible student's billing statement only after: (1) the student has completed a Virginia529 College Savings Plan (VCSP) Intent to Enroll form (listing Longwood University) and (2) Longwood University has received an official student roster from the VCSP office. For additional guidance concerning the Virginia529 prePAID program, please refer to VCSP Programs - PrePAID (pdf).

Virginia529 Invest and CollegeWealth Programs

VCSP Programs-Invest (pdf)

Post 9/11 GI Bill Information

Credit for estimated Post 9/11 GI Bill tuition-fee assistance will be given on an eligible student's billing statement only after:

(1) the student has provided a copy of his/her Department of Veterans Affairs Certificate of Eligibility (issued in student's name) to Longwood University's Registration Office and requested enrollment certification, and

(2) the student has submitted Longwood University: Post 9/11 GI Bill Tuition-Fee Assistance - Application for Estimated "Advanced Credit" (with V.A. documentation attached) Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill – Advanced Credit Application (ACA) for Longwood University to Longwood University's Office of Student Accounts.

To continue to receive student account/billing statement credit, a new/updated ACA form is required per eligible semester.

For more information visit our Post 9/11 GI Bill General Guidance page.