Meal Plan Options for 2017/2018

A meal plan is mandatory for all students living on the main campus and in Longwood-managed apartments. Commuter students have the option to purchase a meal plan.

Want to change your meal plan?

Residential Students wishing to downgrade his/her meal plan for the 2017-2018 academic year may do so prior to 5 p.m. on Monday, August 28, 2017 (Fall) or Wednesday, January 24, 2018 (Spring). This can be done through the Student Housing Gateway.

Plans to choose from (Fall 2017/Spring 2018):

Dining Plan


Guest Meals Semester

Meal Equiv Per Week 

Bonus Dollars

Cost Semester

19 Meal Plan Plan  19/week 7 7 $175 $2,109.80
14 Meal Plan  14/week 7 7 $275 $1,715.56
10 Meal Plan  10/week 7 7 $375 $1,722.84
Block 160  160/semester 7 7 $325 $1,666.56
Block 80  80/semester   $325  $998.20

These fees are subject to change by the Longwood Board of Visitors.

Required Meal Plans

All Residental students are required to be on a meal plan.  Meal plan requirements are based on your housing assignment.

Main Campus Residents

Must choose from one of the following board plans: 

  • 19 Meal Plan 
  • 14 Meal Plan 
  • 10 Meal Plan 
  • 160 Meal Plan 

Default Meal Plan - Main Campus

If no plan is chosen, the 14 Meal Plan + $275 Bonus Dollars is the default plan.

Longwood-Managed Apartment (LMA) Residents

Kitchen facilities provided, and students can choose from any of the plans listed above. 

Default Plan - LMA 

If no plan is chosen, the Block 80 + $325 Bonus Dollars is the default plan.

Semester Allotment 

All meal plans are allotted on a semester basis.

Meal/ Bonus Dollar Carry Over

Meals do not carry-over to the next semester. 

Bonus Dollars will carry-over from Fall to Spring semester if a plan is purchased both semesters.  

Meal Transfers

All Meal plans are non-transferrable and are meant for individual use only.  Only the meal plan holder for each individual plan can use the meals assigned to that plan. 

Guest Meals

To treat a friend or family to a meal, Guest meals or Bonus Dollars can be used as available.

Drop or Downgrade

If a student drops or downgrades a meal plan on or before semester deadline, the student will be charged for spent Bonus Dollars, plus prorated daily rate for meals.